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Shree Narahari Parvatha Sadashiva Temple : History

Shree Naraharai Parvatha Sadashiva Temple is one of the most ancient and popular piligrimage situated at Narahari Hill at a height of about 1000 Feet above the sea level. It is also known as the “Kailasa of the Earth”. This temple is about 28 Kms from the Mangalore city loacted near Melkar on the Bangalore – Mangalore Highway which confluences the villages – Melkar, Golthamajal & Amtoor is primary tourist spot blessed with green covered hills and mesmerising natural landscapes and also the temple at the top of the hill which is a rarest in the nearby region.

Narahari Parvatha(hill) is surrounded by panoramic scenes and fascinating greeneries. It is believed that Nara and Hari, incarnations of Lord Vishnu were supposed to have performed the penance at this place. There are ponds atop of the hill in the shape of Shanka (Conch), Chakra (Wheel), Gadha (Weapon) and Padma (Lotus).

It is also believed that taking a holy dip in these ponds on Monday of the Karthika month is considered to be sacred.The astounding hill is topped with the Narahari Parvatha Sadashiva Temple which engulfs every visitor with serenity. It could be pilgrimage to the devotees or an expedition for the trekkers but it takes a climb of 333 steps to reach the top.

The boards that say Shiva Shiva on the sides of the railing can be a motivation for the devotees to stick to their climb and hence honour their deity. Once you reach the top, the four Teerthakoopas are an unbelievable sight as they are perfectly in the shape of a Shanka, Chakra, Gadha and Padma.

People throng this mountain during Aati Amavasya and Sona Amavasya for Teerthasnana (Dip in the ponds). The Renovated Bramhakalasha establishment day, Shivaratri, Nagapanchami and Sri Ganesh Chaturthi are the other festivals celebrated with pomp in this temple.

The last Monday of the Karthika month is considered to be an auspicious and vibrant day as various religious and cultural programmes are held. Taking a dip in the ponds on this day is considered to be sacred. So, people are seen flocking the hill during this particular day.

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