According to legend Parashurama, the avatar of Vishnu, retrieved this place from the sea by throwing his axe into the sea.The sea fell back to the place where his axe fell. Hence this place is also called Parshurama Kshetra.

It’s a beautiful beach area. One side is the row of the Sayyadri hills and the other side is the Arabian sea. In the middle of it lies on the banks of the Sumana river see our Alivekodi.

This place is called alive(ಅಳಿವೆ), where the Sumana river crosses the sea and ends its journey. For that reason the area come to be known as Alivekodi(ಅಳಿವೇಕೋಡಿ). This village is very beautiful.

From the point where the sumana river crosses the sea the beach extends up to 3 km. Here the sea is very calm. Similarly, on the seashore there is a huge stone called Amblar. On this stone ,the sea water may go down.

Alivekodi usually comes about 30km from kundapura via byndooru, turn left in uppunda shalebagilu and travel around 6 km on the road will get in Alivekodi.


There are usually people living in Kharvi’s, there are about a thousand houses,all of them depending on fishing. They do fishing in the sea from August to May. Then some people do fishing in the Sumana river.

They are still  adventurous creatures, what can be happening at sea, what kind of atmosphere it is impossible to imagine, though they save the tide of the ocean for their livelyhood. In the same way, variety of different types of fish. Similarly they do fishing. Each of these fishermen must know swimming and thus live their lives.  People work day and night, as they must be prepared at any time when the fishes comes to the sea.

Bobbarya Temple


This is her goddess, and the people here believe in her with full devotion.

Here, Rama Bhajana program is organised annually in February. It’s a one week program. For first 6 days, the timing is 6 PM to 11 PM. The 7th day, the program is held from 6 AM till next day 6 AM. Also, the Bhajana program can be observed during the monthly Sankranthi day.